Centurions Plot Detailed

Plot Structure

Centurions plot is composed of plot tiers that denote different points of climax and different scopes, involving smaller or larger groups of people.

Good vs. Evil

One of the guiding principles for setting up the intricate power structure of the Centurions universe is that good and evil are relative concepts that depend on who's telling the story. As such, our plots and plot structure will not deal with the battle of "Good" vs "Evil" in the Manichaean sense.

As our goal is character development, our plot is designed to allow writers to explore the different facets of their character's psyche without the pressure of "picking sides." No one person is completely good or completely evil and, more often than not, circumstances dictate their actions. A good person could make terrible decisions believing they are for "The Greater Good." Defining who is the hero or villain that situation often depends on perspective rather than facts.

That is what guides us when laying out the factions below for players to interact with and join. Please keep in mind that none of these factions are inherently "good" or "evil". As you will see, all of them work towards what they believe to be "The Greater Good". It is their idea of what that means and what tactics they employ to achieve it that change. So when selecting a faction, don't feel pressured to join one or the other based on typical heroes vs villains ideas.

Selecting a faction has to do with how your character's thought process works, how they were raised and what interests they stand for. It isn't a judgment on their character and it doesn't define whether they are good or evil. Please keep this in mind when choosing which faction, if any, your character would affiliate with.

Plot Tiers

1. Overarching gamewide plot

The overarching gamewide plot is the running plot in the background of all events that happen at Centurions. It is mod-controlled and runs occult. Each piece of the puzzle is revealed at the opportune moment so that it may come together organically with the participation of players. This plot is larger than the faction plot tier and generally involves all the factions without necessary intentionality.

This tier comprises the world events over which characters have no control, but by which they are still affected. At the moment, on a trial basis, the overarching gamewide plot runs on a 6-month arc, with the possibility of it being extended for another 3 months, depending on how well players respond to it. This tier of the plot is occult, but will be revealed slowly as the game progresses.

2. Faction plot

The second plot tier, from a broader to narrower scope, is faction plot. Faction plot is generally known to players and oriented by characters. The moderators will provide the bones of this plot, but players will be the ones fleshing it out and deciding which direction it will go. Occasionally, the moderators may throw in obstacles or break-throughs to guarantee the faction plot integrates seamlessly with the gamewide plot.

Faction plot doesn't run on a pre-established time span and may run from a few days or weeks to months. However, due to its smaller scope, rarely will it go over four months without coming to a closure. There are currently four faction plot arcs: Penumbra, Trailblazer, The Agency and Neutrals. These arcs are initially separate, but will interact and occasionally merge for specific plots.

3. Personal plot

The third plot tier pertains to personal plot and is entirely player-driven. This tier involves the personal development of characters. It may regard their journey through the rebirth process, dealing with new powers or memories and their interpersonal relationships.It is up to the player to decide how much personal plot interacts with the larger plot tiers (faction and gamewide).

The moderators will not interfere with personal plot unless it somehow affects the other tiers negatively. The moderators may provide writing prompts that might aid personal plot when requested, but will not otherwise be involved with the direction or outcome of personal plot. The tiers are designed to allow for gamewide plot to carry on without stunting character growth or getting in the way of players' plans.

Factions Overview

Though other factions might exist in this universe, for now game play will center around the dynamics of three main factions and those who are neutral.

Current Active Factions


TRAILBLAZER is an American technology and lifestyle conglomerate, with interests and branch offices located around the world. Founded in 1913 by a group of early Centurions, Trailblazer is located in Lower Manhattan, New York. Its guiding principle consists of a single word: Innovation. On the surface, Trailblazer is a lifestyle brand promoting a life of harmony, inspiration, and adventure. But the true mission of Trailblazer takes place in the upper levels of Trailblazer Tower. There, a leading edge infrastructure in support of Project Midgard works tirelessly to aid the Centurions in their fight against the Penumbra to achieve universal harmony.


PENUMBRA is the code name created by the Centurions of Trailblazer for the forces of darkness actively working to disrupt the final step to achieve universal harmony. Circumstance has dictated that Earth is the last link of the chain required to achieve harmonic attunement, and as such has become the location of the final battleground. On this planet, Penumbra puts forth a last-ditch effort to maintain the status quo of darkness, entropy, and strife. Little is known about these shadow warriors, other than the fact their activity on Earth has increased rapidly since the Cosmic Realignment of 2014, and that their numbers and strength continue to grow.


THE AGENCY is an inter-agency task force, created by the U.S. National Security Agency in response to the threat of enhanced humans. Unaware of the Penumbra and the secret war waging on Earth, the organization's primary goal is to neutralize the threat posed by Centurions. Their methods include rendition and containment, reverse engineering of centurion technology and genetic material, psychological reprogramming and creation of double-agents, and neutralization of active threats. After Congress made the decision to no longer officially fund the program, the organization made the difficult decision to continue operating in secret.

* Detailed information on these factions can be found in the Factions Detailed link. It's advised reading for current members, but not necessary to know before applying.

Current Faction Plot

1. The Agency

While The Agency has been working diligently to shut down the national security threat of Centurions, it remains unaware of the complexities of the silent war being fought between Light and Shadows. In December that started to change and, since January, a joint task force of The Agency and Trailblazer has come into action. But will it be enough to quell the differences between these factions?

New Centurions who were reborn while at The Agency's service still face the tough choice of either hiding their own identities or becoming guinea pigs themselves. Recent events of Centurions helping Agents, rather than taking them down, have caused doubts to emerge. Could it be that not all Centurions are the enemy? Is there a way for the interests of the government of the United States to be met without starting a war with this new race of humans?

The grey area will only become fuzzier as the existence of two opposing Centurions organizations comes to light in the bureaucracy of The Agency.

2. Trailblazer

Unbeknownst to its loyal employees, Trailblazer has been running covert tests localized in New York. They've been experimenting with the effects of intentional gamma radiation showers, in the hopes of developing technology effective in activating Centurions genes on command. There are no malicious intentions behind these tests.

The Powers-That-Be believe it is for the greater good for humanity to approach The Reveal at an accelerated rate, given current world events. The urgency to offset the destruction mankind has been causing drives the higher-ups of Trailblazer to push the limits on ethics and disregard the risks of uncharted territory. On the other hand, the company has been publicly financing the development of technology which aims to decrease pollution and clean the air.

New York City, as one of the biggest metropolitan centers, has been chosen as the initial site to test this technology.

3. Penumbra

The Order of the Shadows, known as Penumbra by Trailblazer, has recently started a covert program to develop a new technology. The details of this project are unknown to all operatives at this point. Members of the Order are only activated for punctual missions that do not appear connected to a common goal.

At an undisclosed clandestine site, Penumbra has assembled its own research center. The super-secret project involves assembling a giant database, which stores DNA info on as many Centurions as they can get their hands on.

Along with the database, engineers and other personnel have been employed to develop a portable device which will connect to that database. This device, once perfected, will be able to scan and replicate the genome of any Centurions in the database. This would allow Shadow Warriors in possession of this tech to mimic powers of any tracked Centurions, or to sell the technology to the wrong people.

4. Neutrals

Those who are neutral or operate outside the constraints of organizations find themselves facing new threats on the ground. With the appearance of new abilities and powers, the crime world has been renewed. New tactics are being employed and the police can't figure out what is happening.

The use of superpowers to perpetrate criminal acts leaves authorities stumped, as their rationale doesn't include supernatural scenarios of teleportation, self-combustion or energy balls, to cite a few.

However, there are Centurions who very well know that is what is happening and they want to keep the city safe. Whether your character is invested in creating a new super-powered mob network or is on the other side fighting off these threats and guaranteeing civilian safety, there is always something going on in the streets of New York. Maybe you'll even meet another Centurion while stopping a robbery.

F.M.W. (Full Moon Week)

Details on how Full Moon Week works.

Basics of Full Moon Week


As you may know, Project Midgard's Space Station is stationed outside of Earth's stratosphere. It has been continuously showering Earth with gamma ray storms to raise vibrations worldwide, in order to accelerate the rebirth of Centurions and increase humanity's level of cosmic awareness.

Unfortunately for Project Midgard, the agents of darkness have been countering their efforts by messing with the moon's gravitational field to keep vibrations at a lower frequency on Earth.

Shadow Warriors have been successful in their endeavor until recently, when Project Midgard broke through their manipulations and successfully raised the Earth's vibrations. This shift resulted in full awareness for all Centurions and heightened awareness for human beings.

The catch is that Project Midgard's technology can only break through the barriers during the week of the full moon, when the satellite's natural gravitational field expands the scope of their tech.

Once the moon phase changes, vibrations are lowered once more and the awareness gained during the full moon week will be gone. Your character's usual level of awareness will be reestablished to whatever normal is like for them.

So for one week out of the month your character may gain full awareness of being a Centurion. Once that week is over, they may forget events or conversations that took place. The degree to which memory loss affects characters is up to player discretion.


As F.M.W. means a time of heightened vibrations in our game, the effects felt by humans are often positive. People will be more in touch with each other's emotions, kinder and more empathetic with those around them. Reports of lucky streaks will increase and those who are more susceptible to vibrations might feel like a walking good luck charm. To some, it is like living under the effects of a Felix Felicis potion.

On the other hand, humans who are trapped in low vibrations might barely feel a difference. They might, however, become more annoyed at all the happy people. Shadow warriors are also aware of Project Midgard's interference during this week. As such, the Order of the Shadows has orchestrated ploys, attacks and tragedies to happen during these weeks, in an attempt to counter the higher vibrations.

Since 2014, full moon weeks have seen an increased number of environmental disasters, terrorist attacks, spikes in crimes and violence ratings, among others. First responders and emergency care staffs have learned to prepare for these weeks as many used to already prepare for Halloween. Nothing is impossible.


During the Full Moon Week, Centurions who have started their rebirth process are affected by the increased vibrations of Earth and may gain full awareness of the existence of past lives and their status as a Centurion. Some may develop new powers, which will disappear once the week is over. Others might remember not only their past lives, but also all of Project Midgard's plans for them on Earth.

This may mean that characters may remember where the Interdimensional Pockets planted by their missions are on Earth. It may also be that they don't actually remember, but are subconsciously drawn to them and may accidentally stumble upon new items and IDPs in their paths. Some will regain memories that will disappear once the moon changes phases, others might retain all the knowledge and be confused when those around them seem to forget.

The full effects of the full moon on each character is entirely up to player discretion. Below, we answer a few Frequently Asked Questions, but please let us know if you have any more in comments.

How Full Moon Week works in-character

4. What is the rebirth process? (RECAP from F.A.Q.s)

"Rebirth" is the name given to the process of Centurions developing superhuman abilities and gaining awareness of their origins and mission on Earth. This process happens at a different pace for each individual. It may take months or years for some, while others adapt to the knowledge in mere weeks.

Some may develop powers before any memories, which may cause issues in their lives as they deal with the changes and consequences of their new abilities, not knowing of what is happening to them or why. Others might get memories or have their previous lives' consciousness appear in their brains before any powers develop. This process might be equally maddening, depending on which memories filter through. The bottomline is that the player has full discretion to decide how their character will be reborn into their Centurion mind frame.

5. Memories or a second consciousness? (RECAP from F.A.Q.s)

Once your character starts their rebirth process, players may choose one of two routes. Their new awareness may filter through as distant memories of previous lives that feel more like dreams than reality, or they may develop a second consciousness in the form of their CV personality appearing in their thoughts.

This is entirely up to the player to decide which route is more appropriate for their character. The IC explanation for this is that prior to their birth, when they were still members of Project Midgard or the Singularity and preparing for their descent to Earth, your character was given the choice on how to lead their own rebirth process. So whatever you choose, memories or a consciousness, it would have been the decision of your own character on which method of rebirth would be the most effective for them on Earth.

6. Will my character remember everything?

Not necessarily. The full awareness achieved during F.M.W. means that they may become fully aware that they are different and have special abilities which may manifest in some way during this week. As we focus on player discretion for most decisions, the degree to which your character's memories return is up to you. They may have memories of previous lives and events, but still not know who their comicverse identity was in all of it. They may also develop powers during the full moon week, without any memories. It's up to you how it plays out.

7. Will CV ties recognize each other?

As their human DNA changes their appearance, CV connections will not immediately recognize others they've interacted with in past lives. However, when agreed upon by all players involved, they may encounter other Centurions who subconsciously recognize their "souls" from past incarnations. As such, it isn't uncommon for Centurions who have interacted before in the CV to be drawn to each other during these weeks. However you choose to frame it is up to you, as long as it's agreed upon beforehand with all those involved.

8. Does my character have to be in F.M.W.?

In short, no. It will always be up to the players to decide if and how much characters are affected by the full moon. As awareness is dependent on a character's inner energy field, players may use this in-character device to decide how much they want their characters to be affected, if at all. There are no sign-up sheets for full moon weeks. Players are welcome to have their characters aware for however many days, having the option of lowering their character's vibrations (and thus losing awareness and/or powers), whenever they wish.

Plot Events

Recap of the main plot events so far. Oct/16 - Jan/17

  • 2009-2011

    Our Humble Beginnings

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  • March 2011

    An Agency is Born

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  • December 2012

    Transition to Full Service

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  • July 2014

    Phase Two Expansion

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